XSemaphore Issue 24
[Semaphore 24]

<FONT face=\"Verdana,Tahoma,Arial,Helvetica\" size=\"1\" color=\"#ffffff\">X</font>Semaphore Issue 24

The Semaphore Issue #24 - May 1999 - 52 pages

Members contributing to this issue: Charles Geletzke JR, Michael J Landry, Rod Zona, Karl Heckman, Family of the late Pat Miller, John Ainslie, Gordon Lydeksen, Gil Moran, Rich Welsh, Gary Saxton, Frank O Smith, James Winslow, Brad & Steve Kindschy, Joe O'Brien, Chet W Liestenfeltz, Jerry Tyler, Richard Baibak, Al Butler, Railroaders Chat Room hosted by Vince Kurcharski & Family and David Johnston SR & Family with Railroad Stories by F Hines, J Overman, D Shepard, CW Liestenfeltz, E Arvoy, J Mohn, M Goul, J Tolles, E Smith, O Convis. This issue also includes the business news & lists new members and active members as of May 1999 with listed RR archival donations received. Since the release of this issue we mourn the loss of Frank O Smith, David L Johnston SR, and my father Chet W Liestenfeltz. In this issue:

In Search of the Daily Tribune 16mm films

Socialized Railroading

Mt Clemens trackage chart

1952 Burton Crash

1961 Burton Derailment

Model GTW Northern class 6400

Model GTW Caboose & Box Car

Member Messages

Sinking of the Titanic & Charles M Hays

Marcellus MI and the GTW

Business News

Train Sightings

Battle Creek Fueling Station

South Bend Steam

Railroaders Chat Room

GTW 6039, GT 1694, GT 5715 & 5845

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